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iNnKy Design

  • Start up single pages to complex websites
  • Business or Personal
  • Low cost compared to large companies
  • Start a one-page site within one day! You won't have a blank site while your full website is being created.
  • We can set you up with a domain name of your own or the site can be hosted at for free. Note:You have to put up with their banner ads and maybe pop-up ads. Contact us for more info.




  • A basic site is usually $300 with additional charges if additions or upgrades are requested. A more complex site will be charged based on the amount of hours needed to complete it, at the normal hourly rate or $30 an hour.
  •  If you choose a your own domain name you are responsible for the yearly cost of $30. If you choose a tripod site The tripod domain name is Free
  • Site hosting is $20 a month and for more complex sites or high traffic sites $40-$60 a month.  Feel free to call to discuss the benefits of this site hosting service.  Please note: may be utilized for free site hosting, however the storage capacity and bandwith are limited.  In addition you will have to tolerate pop-up and banner ads that they choose. 
  • We bill in 15 minute incruments so that if you need a quick update, you aren't charged for the full hour. In other words, the time we spend is the time you're billed for and we only do what you ask.
  • Contact Erick for more information and we can set up a time to go over all the details with you.

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